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Street Promotions by PUSH Marketing and Promotions

Taking a grassroots approach to your brand awareness? Allow PUSH Marketing and Promotions to provide you with an engaging and enthusiastic team for your next street promotion. Utilizing experienced and effective brand ambassadors we can assist in identifying the best markets, most visible locations, and high traffic areas to increase your brand visibility. Our team can collaborate with you to assure your street promotion is successful, ultimately yielding the type of results that you and your clients can be proud of. With over a decade in the business and with talent in every major city throughout the U.S and Canada PUSH Marketing and Promotions has the resources and tools that you need for your future street promotion.

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What you get when partnering with PUSH:

Access to database, Most respected Software Package, You are protected

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PUSH delivers world-class Event Staffing, Event Production/ Management Services in virtually every major US and Canada market. We have always cared deeply about our people, our business and the customers that we serve. We are open (7) days a week, (365) days a year and much like a doctor we are always on call!

Lastly, we truly believe that our organization is without a doubt the most committed staffing agency you will ever work with. We will prove this to you if given the opportunity!