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Let us fuel your campaign with the social media influencer element

Create the conversations around the brand and enroll your customer in your campaign by leveraging the PUSH social network marketer program!

Think social marketing is here to stay? So do we...

That is why we integrated a proprietary and one-of-a-kind influencer app that can stream your organically designed messages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds of the very people who will be promoting your product on site. Here are the top five key benefits to this pre-promotion!

  • Create viral conversations based around your brand.
  • Logo/Brand placement for tens of thousands to see.
  • Promote and enroll customers to attend an event.
  • Generates back links to specific website or fan pages.
  • Capture data and build a database for future follow-ups.

Create the conversations around the brand and enroll your customer in your campaign by leveraging the PUSH social influencer marketing program!

How does it work? It's simpleā€¦

All bells and whistles aside PUSH has a database of over 90,000 influencers who are committed to the marketing and selling of the products and services of our client partners. Here is how our influencer marketing program works in three simple steps.

ACTION 1. PUSH Client partner opts to leverage the influencer program by providing PUSH with links to the venue location, product information and all other assignment details.

ACTION 2. Our in house booking team will program your information in our system, making assignments available to marketers in the needed market and then that talent begins applying.

ACTION 3. Upon arriving to your event the talent will use the PUSH Talent Tracker to GPS Clock-In system. After clocking-in the system will prompt the talent to post the prewritten message on their social media streams for their network to see and comment on.

Being a Client Partner of PUSH Agency entitles you access to even more benefits!

One of those benefits is discounted products and services though the PUSH TACTICS marketing department. This department is a division inside our organization that designs and manufactures all of the tangible marketing tools such as uniforms, signage, handouts and everything else you may need to ensure your promotions and campaigns are extremely successful! To the right you will see a list of some of what we can do but if you CLICK HERE we will automatically log you into the PUSH TACTICS site and you can start shopping today!

  • Concept Creation
  • Graphic Design services
  • Video Production
  • Promotional Items
  • Visual Displays & Signage
  • Flyers/Postcards
  • Secret Shoppers
  • Apparel (shirts/hats/etc.)
  • Stunt Marketing Activities
  • Staff Uniforms/Costumes

event staffing in the United States

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Worldwide promotional modeling and event staffing is a click away with PUSH Agency. Whether you need promotional models, runway models, trade show models or event staff for special functions and liquor promotions, PUSH has the staffing solution for you! PUSH has trained, professional, and reliable promo models and marketing experts in place ready to promote your brand!

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event staffing in Canada

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Unlike other promotional modeling agencies, PUSH will provide event management and promotion activation for virtually any campaign or promotion throughout both the US and Canada markets as well. PUSH specializes in driving sales with a face-to-face, grass roots, live marketing strategy that is proven to work! In addition, our customers are able to view, train, test, book and recap assignments through their very own state-of-the-art user console. So next time your organization is in need of promotional staffing agency that has the ability to do much more than just staff, give PUSH a call!

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