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Tap into the BEST of the BEST with the PUSH Premium Talent Database.
The PUSH Premium database has an exceptional talent pool of the very best VIP hosts, atmosphere models, runway models, print models, emcees and Field Managers!

PUSH consistently grows its Talent Database with the most attractive and outgoing talent in the world. If you desire the ‘Best of the Best’ our in house booking team can help you pinpoint and identify the most premium talent possible to represent your brand.

Over the years, we have painstakingly categorized each of our 90,000+ members based on their performance, skills, and physical qualities in order to help us select the perfect fit for any given client.

If it is Premium talent that you seek, then our PUSH Premium Database is the solution for you! If you are in need of…

  1. World-class DJs or emcees.
  2. Stunning hosts for parties and atmosphere.
  3. Top-notch models for runway and print.
  4. Accountable traveling ambassadors.
  5. Driven market and field managers.

…then look no further! PUSH’s Premium Talent Database has the perfect fit for YOU. This database represents the very best talent available, anywhere you need it.

Some events demand the highest level of performance. When your brand is on the line it is imperative that you leave your audience with a lasting impression. Tap into the BEST of the BEST with the PUSH Premium Talent Database.

When booking your event make sure to specify that you are seeking Premium Talent!

Being a Client Partner of PUSH Agency entitles you access to even more benefits!

One of those benefits is discounted products and services though the PUSH TACTICS marketing department. This department is a division inside our organization that designs and manufactures all of the tangible marketing tools such as uniforms, signage, handouts and everything else you may need to ensure your promotions and campaigns are extremely successful! To the right you will see a list of some of what we can do but if you CLICK HERE we will automatically log you into the PUSH TACTICS site and you can start shopping today!

  • Concept Creation
  • Graphic Design services
  • Video Production
  • Promotional Items
  • Visual Displays & Signage
  • Flyers/Postcards
  • Secret Shoppers
  • Apparel (shirts/hats/etc.)
  • Stunt Marketing Activities
  • Staff Uniforms/Costumes

event staffing in the United States

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Worldwide promotional modeling and event staffing is a click away with PUSH Agency. Whether you need promotional models, runway models, trade show models or event staff for special functions and liquor promotions, PUSH has the staffing solution for you! PUSH has trained, professional, and reliable promo models and marketing experts in place ready to promote your brand!

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event staffing in Canada

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Unlike other promotional modeling agencies, PUSH will provide event management and promotion activation for virtually any campaign or promotion throughout both the US and Canada markets as well. PUSH specializes in driving sales with a face-to-face, grass roots, live marketing strategy that is proven to work! In addition, our customers are able to view, train, test, book and recap assignments through their very own state-of-the-art user console. So next time your organization is in need of promotional staffing agency that has the ability to do much more than just staff, give PUSH a call!

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