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The entertainment industry will flourish throughout each season and cultivating a partnership with the right agency will assure continued support for your next entertainment marketing promotion. Live event marketing carries over into multiple facets of the entertainment industry, whether it be movie premiers, radio parties, or magazine launches PUSH MODELS has the talent that you need to create awareness and enhance any event. Entertainment Marketing has been a cornerstone of our business for years and has allowed us to partner with agencies like Angel City Design, Walton Isaccson, Bandai Namco, and much more helping us to represent brands such as Fox, Maxim, and Playboy.

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Access to database, Most respected Software Package, You are protected

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PUSH delivers world-class Event Staffing, Event Production/ Management Services in virtually every major US and Canada market. We have always cared deeply about our people, our business and the customers that we serve. We are open (7) days a week, (365) days a year and much like a doctor we are always on call!

Lastly, we truly believe that our organization is without a doubt the most committed staffing agency you will ever work with. We will prove this to you if given the opportunity!